We provide legal advice to French and international private and public companies, helping them avoid and minimise risk and defending their best interests in case of litigation.

We work collaboratively and efficiently to provide you with a precise response. We operate with the utmost respect for the legal profession’s code of ethics.






Offices : Paris and Bordeaux

Business Risk Lawyers

Business Risk Lawyers

We can support you in all of your business risks and assist you in all aspects of corporate life and business activities. We help you ANTICIPATE risks, INSURE against them, LIMIT them and DEFEND yourself when they arise.

Working towards a shared goal

Working towards a shared goal

We aim to build a trusting relationship based on loyalty and flawless service. This synergy fosters a strong sense of solidarity and cooperation within our teams and in our relationships with our clients and partners. Determined and uncompromising, we work with you towards a shared goal.

Independence and quality

Independence and quality

We work as an independent structure in order to guarantee our clients our availability and flexibility whilst maintaining the assurance of a perfectly well-structured law firm that has been certified ISO 9001 for over 15 years.

Carefully selected partners

For efficient support

Our independence allows us to rely on a network of carefully selected partners, whether financial or technical experts, lawyers specialising in legal fields that we do not deal with or overseas lawyers.

All of them are professionals we have worked with on many occasions and whose performance, reliability, and quality of service we fully endorse.

Notre indépendance d’exercice nous permet de nous appuyer sur un réseau de partenaires choisis qu’il s’agisse d’experts financiers et techniques, de confrères spécialisés dans des domaines du droit que nous ne traitons pas, et de confrères étrangers. Tous sont des professionnels avec lesquels nous avons collaboré à plusieurs reprises et dont nous avons approuvé la performance, la fiabilité et la qualité de service.

Chatain Associés Partners – 2022

The firm’s history

Stasi Chatain Associés law firm, named after its founders, Antoine Chatain and Mario Stasi, President of the Paris Bar Association, was founded in 2000.
Mario Stasi, the First Secretary of the Conférence du Stage, member of the Paris Bar Council on several occasions and President of the Paris Bar, was particularly well-known as the founder of Lawyers without Borders. Furthermore, in November 1985, he founded the Conférence Internationale des Barreaux de Tradition Juridique Commune (CIB), which brings together several independent French-speaking Bar Associations. He participated in all the discussions led by French-speaking countries in the fields of democracy, peace and the promotion of Human Rights.

He left his mark on the world of law, in particular for his orations on civil liberties, his defence speeches, in particular in Chile under Pinochet, and in Africa, and was known and renowned for his commitment to freedom, especially for his work with the Iranian resistance.