Public business law, urban planning, and environment

For 20 years, Chatain Associés has provided legal advice and litigation services in public business law (regional authorities’ rights, public procurement, state-owned public domains, urban planning, public finances, environment, construction) to professionals and regional administrations.

Our services

We form a true partnership with our clients, have thorough and operational knowledge of their professions and sectors of activity, and bring our renowned expertise in legal strategy and advice in public business law.

Our team’s experience and cross-sector skills allow us to consider your case’s legal, economic, and financial stakes to optimise costs whilst preventing any risk.

01Securitisation of public contracts

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help secure your government contract award projects by advising you on the best procedure to adopt. We work to securitise procedures as of implementation and up to contract award (government contracts, franchises, etc…).

In the event of a dispute, we defend your interests in pre-contractual or contractual emergency interim proceedings and contract validity challenges.

When appropriate, we implement measures to find amicable settlements: conventional mediation, judicial mediation, arbitration, and memoranda of understanding to settle disputes out of court.

02Public buildings

After the contract award, we can work on unforeseen events (construction site malfunctions often cause delays in the progress of works) to implement solutions so that construction work can continue and any associated penalties or cost overruns can be limited.

We can also advise you on accepting works delivery with or without reservations and auditing company claims submissions. Our team takes care of disputes that fall under the Cahier des Clauses Administratives Générales (CCAG) Travaux (1976, 2009, 2021).

We can also assist or defend you in contractual, biennial and decennial liability matters with contractors in case of defects. Our team will deal with any neighbourhood reports before works commence. It also deals with interim instructions and judicial appraisals to determine the cause and terms and conditions of repairing defects.

03Urban Planning

We have recognised extensive experience in urban planning, which allows to:
– audit acquisition operations, urban planning authorisations and the regularity of real estate acquired under the applicable planning rules
– master the specificities of the Paris Plan Local d’Urbanisme
– assist with registration and appraisal of planning authorisations for the implementation of real estate projects
– defend interests both for plaintiffs and defendants during appeals against planning permits issues
– defend your interests in the case of criminal violations of the applicable planning rules.

04Environment and classified installations

Nous vous conseillons en matière d’installations classées : infraction à la législation sur les installations classées, à la loi sur l’eau, aux dépôts sauvages de déchets sur le domaine public, à la protection des bâtiments et des sites naturels classées ou inscrits.

Recent experiences

Assistance to several companies in the construction and public works sector in the negotiation of additional costs generated by the hazards of various construction sites in the Ile de France region, in particular the deadlines’ extensions caused by the COVID 19 ;
Regular assistance to real estate investors during the acquisition of assets in Paris to carry out urban planning audits, in particular CINASPIC issues;
Assistance of a public project owner in the framework of an expertise on major structural problems endangering the public’s safety;
Assistance to a public project owner to obtain an extension of the Adap deadline for its real estate assets;
Regular defense in the context of pre-contractual referral during the award of public works, service and and supply contracts;

Assistance to a subsidiary of an energy major player on environmental issues in connection with the acquisition of shares in a company operating a peeling plant and a classified facility.

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